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New restaurant set to open next week in Cremant space

Ever since Cremant closed over a year ago, people have been curious to know what would take the place of the chic and cozy spot on 34th Ave. Last week, signage went up for June, a new French-inspired restaurant headed by chef Vuong Loc.

June will have an invite-only soft opening this Thursday and then open officially on Tuesday, May 11.

Loc owns the well-respected French bistro Portage on Queen Anne and used to own the Pig ‘N Whistle bar and grill in Greenwood.

We talked with his sous-chef Nora Zartman this weekend and she offered some hints about the menu, which will be “a full range of French to American to Southern-style, kind of a melange.” She said you can also expect to see “fun little things like pickles and small plates and bites.”

The Seattle Weekly talked with Loc last month and reported that June will be a bit more casual than Portage, but the private dining room in the back will remain.

0 thoughts on “New restaurant set to open next week in Cremant space

  1. If you have read the previous “blogs” regarding June and it’s menu you would have seen that chef said that the menu will be french inspired. I said that his background is strongly french and that you should go and speak with chef directly regarding the store and the menu. I said that I only briefly looked at the menu and saw some pickled items(not pickles) and small plates… never did I mention that anything was fried. Next time please direct any questions you have regarding the stores or menus directly to chef. Thanks.

  2. Hi there, I think a commenter is the one who said things were fried, that’s not mentioned in the post itself. Let me know if you think the content in this post is incorrect!

  3. Everyone’s getting their French-inspired underwear all wadded up over pickles and allegedly fried foods, which is kind of fun, but it’s pretty easy to see what happened:

    For a second, don’t look at the article. Then, read comment 1, “what’s the difference between American and Southern style?” Next comment: “Everything is fired, including the Snickers bars.”

    Comment three clarifies a little: “fried,” not “fired.”

    In short, no one said that Chef’s food was fried or even fired. It’s a comment about “Southern style” food in general, Snickers bars in particular, and it’s a joke.

    As to pickles and pickled items, it’s a little nit-pickly to make the distinction, but I appreciate it.

  4. so, there will be pickled snicker bars that are deep-fried?

    i never really got the down-low on the diff between American and Southern. perhaps another day….

  5. i think your comments on cremant being ‘cozy’ are way off the mark – the benhes and chairs were hard, and the acoustics there were awful – very loud ambient noise. althought the prices enabled the bill to get realy cozy with my greenbacks.