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Car vrs. School Bus – All Children are Fine! (8:50 AM)

There is a car vs. school bus accident at the intersection of Massachusetts and 23rd Ave.    It is a bus on its way to Kimball Elementary.  It was south bound on 23rd and turning east bound onto Massachusetts.     A few children reported bumping their heads but all the children appear to be fine physically (at least initially) but a little frightened.  There are many fire fighters and police on the scene.  They are calm and dealing calmly with the children.  The bus driver DOES NOT WANT ANY HELP and is sending people of offer assistance away.  A witness on the corner was not clear if the bus or the car ran the red light, but he though perhaps it was the car.

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  1. School district transporation page says its number 767 and it will be 30 minutes late arriving at Kimball

  2. i was one of the kids on the bus and let me tell you this is not the first time our bus driver hit somthing but it wasen’t as bad as this: she’s bumpped a few cars. i just think she should have stopped at the yellow light. This was quite frightning for me now i’m at home with with my mother and father. i hope this never happens to me again.

  3. Hi kid, glad you are ok. Now that you’re at home with Mom and Dad get them to help you make an official complaint about this bus driver.

  4. Tell your story to the Police so it can be in their accident report. School bus drivers are very poor drivers recently.