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Nickelsville packing up, heading south

CDNews reader MJ sent us this photo of Nickelsville breaking camp at 25th & King:

We spoke by phone with Fred who is one of the Nickelsville organizers, who said that they’re heading south to 129th S. & MLK S. near Skyway.

We asked Fred whether the camp had a good stay in the Central District. “It was real nice. The church that sponsored us was great and very helpful.”

Nickelsville had been at 25th & King since early February, having moved from their previous location in the neighborhood at 21st & Fir.

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  1. I woke this morning to see my Nickelsville neighbors packing up. (my bedroom window directly looks out on the camp). I’m sad to see them go! now we’ll just have an empty lot again — perfect for drug deals .. Our neighborhood has definitely benefitted from this group, they have served as a social anchor for that corner with dozens of new (and sober) eyes on the street. Thanks, Nickelsville for setting up camp in my neighborhood!

  2. and I have to say I found Nicklesville had less positive impact than I had hoped, but less negative impact than I had feared. Trash around my house increased slightly, but on the whole, there was very little difference as a result of having them nearby. Just the occasional evening music coming from the lot.

  3. Same thing for me. A little more trash and noise, some more dudes hanging out around the area, but that’s pretty much it.

  4. Similar to what you have expressed,…

    Our neighborhood has also had very positive experiences with the previous hosting of homeless camps at 22nd and E Cherry St. In our case, we expected the increased foot traffic, but were surprised at the drop in visible criminal activity, and were pleased with the homeless camp effort to be non-obtrusive, and to cleanup the areas near their encampment.

  5. Their new location is right across the street from where the 12-year old boy was shot and killed in the crossfire of a shootout last Thursday. It’s a pretty rough and tumble area. They could end up missing the CD.