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Man pistol whipped on 17th, woman robbed near Safeway

Seattle Crime is reporting that a man was pistol whipped last night at 17th & Spring:

We’ve just gotten word that police are on the hunt for two men who pistol-whipped another man near 17th and Spring around 12:30am.

We’re told the 20-year-old victim sustained some sort of head injury. No word on his condition, but only one aid unit was called to the scene, which is typically a good sign.

And Capitol Hill Seattle has a detailed story about a woman who was threatened with a gun and robbed just north of Safeway. She used a knife to defend herself and scare off her attackers:

A woman decided she had had enough after two men claimed to have a gun as they robbed her in the street near 22nd Ave E and E John late on a Friday night, earlier this month. According to the SPD report on the March 19th incident, the woman fought back after the two men had already taken her cell phone. The report says that the men implied they had a gun telling the woman they would “blow her brains out” if she moved. As one man reached into her front pocket to grab her wallet, the woman turned and saw that the other man was not holding a gun. At that, she grabbed her knife out of her back pocket and sent the men running west on Denny toward Madison, according to the report.

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  1. This incident woke me up. By the time I looked out my window, two suspects were already running east on Spring toward 18th, the victims remained around the NW corner of 17th & Spring then walked toward 18th, seemingly unsure whether to get away from the area or call 911. I heard a victim say his head was bleeding. Police arrived shortly thereafter. The one victim was taken to the hospital. The other seemeed unharmed, just scared and emotional as one would be after such an incident. I didn’t learn anything else other than it was a robbery. It seemed like the police had very little information or description from the victims. I certainly didn’t have a helpful description having only seen two people running and quickly disappearing out of my view. It certainly sounded aggressive and traumatic. Like most people around here, I’m really tired of seeing an increase in this kind of activity. Once the weather gets a litle nicer this stuff starts to happen more frequently.

  2. We need to see more action like this girl took. The cops can’t help you when the thugs are in action. Fight back!

  3. She could or could not be dead, and she will or will not have her pride from fighting back. What if they tried forcing her in to a car? Was she supposed to not make a scene and fight back then too? Oprah tells us differently… Psychologically, criminals don’t want to shoot people, they know that gunshots draw eyes, and murder = more jail time. Once docile Seattle starts fighting back, these crimes will go down. Should she of just started crying and wait for someone to rescue her? Lord knows the police can’t help after the fact in this town.

  4. I live on 20th near Union & I’m always trying to walk more, especially as 12th gets busier and parking is becoming more of an issue. I find that I end up driving a few blocks and walking the rest because the last bit from say 15th to 20th is often dark and desolate, especially past 10PM.

    Crime seems to be on the rise as Cap Hill becomes more dense and more people are walking .. be aware of your surroundings and trust your gut. Getting mugged is no laughing matter.

  5. Or rather I should say it is overly dramatic. Opposite of what people see on TV and movies only about 5 percent of persons shot with a pistol actually die from those wounds – all people shot with a pistol, by accident or on purpose regardless of how many times they are hit. The real problem with complying fully is that you are still under their control. There is no guarantee that you will still not be shot after giving someone your wallet and cell phone.

    But the tough thing to do is to make the correct decision on the fly that is going give you the greatest chance of survival. That should be your only criteria in a lethal confrontation.

    In this case I wish she would have stabbed one of them. Reduced chance of repeat offense and much higher probability he will be identified with need of medical assistance.

  6. I will also add to this, that human beings will react in the way that they are programmed by instinct. There is no right or wrong way to deal with this, your instinct takes over for you. When this occurred to me 2 years ago, I fought back, I got beat up and pistol whipped, and once I was knocked out and down they robbed me blind, but I still have my pride for not giving in to the fear of a three against one situation.

  7. If you ever see the way these thugs wield their hand guns it’s amazing they hit anyone, seriously. If they learned the isosceles position, rather than the 50 Cent, one handed, sideways thug’s position, they might actually hit their targets occasionally.

    When ever I hear about gang bangers waving pistols like morons, shooting at each other and actually hitting someone, I’m actually impressed.

  8. …they’re from the CD. The police stepped up their anti-gang patrols down there, so the trash spills over to Cap Hill. Meanwhile, police on the Hill are devoting 100% of their resources to stopping alcohol in Cal Anderson Park. Knowing this, I walk around Seattle armed and ready.