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Earth Day Options: Drop your old batteries off at Twilight

With tomorrow being Earth Day and all, how about a small thing you can do to help out the environment? Our friend Stephan at The Twilight Exit (a CDNews sponsor) sent us this note about what you can do with all of those pesky old rechargeable batteries that are not supposed to go in the trash:

Hey Guys,

For a while now i’ve found it hard to recycle my old rechargeable batteries.  Especially the ones for power tools.  After a bit of digging i found a company that sent me a kiosk to toss old rechargeable batteries and cell phones into.  when it’s full I just pack it up in it’s own cool little box and ship it for free via UPS.  Once it gets to them they simply send me a new empty box.  I’ve put one of those inside the Twilight Exit.  

If you feel that it’s noteworthy please pass it on.  would love to see this box fill up rather than a land fill.

So now you can say “Honey, I’m going to go save the earth”, drop your old batteries in the box, and also enjoy a drink or two at the Twilight. Delicious!

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