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FREE Plant Exchange this Saturday 10am-2pm

Got or need extra starts, divisions, bulbs and/or garden supplies? Come share at the FREE CD Spring Plant Exchange this Saturday, rain or shine, 10am-2pm at the Copymaster parking lot at 20th & E Union.

You don’t have to bring something in order to take something: no one keeps score. Our goal is to have fun, exchange plants, share gardening tips, and have nothing left at 2pm.

Also available: information on the May 22nd CD Garden Tour, the 2011 CD Public Art Project and Smile Train fundraiser (last year we raised enough for one life-changing cleft palate surgery, huzzah!!)

Questions? Post a comment and we’ll respond.

0 thoughts on “FREE Plant Exchange this Saturday 10am-2pm

  1. I think this is a fabulous idea. I always like seeing things be exchanged – those who have to those who have not; and we’re all a little of both. We almost always have something we don’t use that someone else could, and vice versa. Plant and Garden Blog

  2. …please be sure to label them with their name and any other info you think is important (sun/shade, annual/perennial, etc.). It’s nicer for people taking plants to have as much insight as they can for a successful replant!