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African American Film Festival kicks off this weekend

The Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center (a CDNews sponsor) is taking their film festival on the road this year due to the big renovations under way at their home at 17th & Yesler, spreading their films around to other venues, including our friends at Central Cinema (a CDNews sponsor).

The festival kicks off this Saturday with a screening of Nurse.Fighter.Boy downtown at the Cinerama. The award-winning movie tells the story of a woman stricken with Sickle Cell Anemia, and how it affects her family and a past-his-prime boxer who comes into their life.

Then on Sunday the show moves to Central Cinema, with four screenings throughout the day:

1:30pm – Anomaly, a documentary that examines the experiences of multiracial America. Tickets are available online or in person at the door for $8 each.


3:00 pm Vintage – Families of Value – takes a look at African American Families through the eyes of gay and lesbian siblings.

5:00 pmWhy We Do What We Do and Turning A Corner – Two documentaries about workers in sex trades and the violence and abuse they encounter.

7:00 pm  – Mississippi Damned – A true story about three African American kids in the 80’s and the poverty, addiction, and abuse they encounter in rural Mississippi.

The festival continues through next weekend. Check out their full line-up for more.

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  1. Its not such an anomaly to be mixed race anymore in America….I feel like its becoming more and more normal every day.

    Just my opinion though.