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HONK! Fest West: 350 musicians visit Central Area April 10

HONK! Fest West hopes to see the whole community on Saturday April 10. Starting 10AM you may not be able to go outside without hearing a marching band somewhere in the distance as we entertain and engage our neighbors at community meetings, sports fields, businesses, social service agencies and street corners.

Then in the afternoon, follow the music to 14th & Yesler where 30 bands from around the US and Canada will join other entertainers at the HONK! street fair between Gatzert Elementary School and historic Washington Hall (13th and 14th Avenues from S Washington to East Spruce Street). Local groups Bakra Bata, the Seattle Fandango Project, la Banda Gozona and others will join the HONK! bands from 2-4PM.

Want to pick up your horn or drum and join the fun? We will be organizing a pick-up band playing easy charts and led by Dick Valentine of Cornish Institute. has info about venues, neighborhoods, times, line up, etc…

If you, your friends, or family members would like to help support HONK! Fest West, please click on this link to find out how.

The HONK! Fest West Facebook page:

This is our third annual HONK! in Seattle and the tenth HONK! nation-wide. HONK! Fest West is sponsored in thee CentralArea by the City of Seattle and the Vera Project in partnership with Jackson Place Community Council, Squire Park Community Council, Hidmo, Casa Latina, Historic Seattle PDA, Garfield Community Center, The Bikery, Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu and dozens of your neighbors.

HONK! is organized by the musicians themselves to encourage public participation in the arts and in social issues. For more HONK! background see

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