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Stone Slab Taken from 32nd & Yesler

I bought a piece of stone  for a project and leaned it against a telephone pole saturday morning until I had time and help to move it.  Seeing as how it was 34″x15″x2″ and weighed close to two hundred pounds, I assumed it would be fine there.  But it was gone when I got home Saturday evening. 

I believe that someone took it thinking it was free, but it wasn’t and I would appreciate it’s return.   The stone is black marble with no vains or other irregularities.  It has been polished to a shine on one side and has a natural edge (not cut).

I have designed a table specifically for this piece of stone. If you notice this slab of stone in someones yard please call me.   206-325-0139

0 thoughts on “Stone Slab Taken from 32nd & Yesler

  1. It’s unfortunate, but leaving something on the curb scream “free stuff I don’t want”.

  2. Sorry to hear the stone piece for your project was taken but you know what they say about assuming…
    I’d be weary of leaving ANYTHING of importance in a planting strip, leaning up against a utility pole.
    Especially a nice piece of stone such as that! Good luck getting it back.

  3. I would think that if you brought this special stone home Saturday morning, and moved it to the street parking strip, that you could possibly also have moved it out of dangers way as well. Not judging, but when we want to get rid of something, we move it to the parking strip ( usually we mark it as “free”, but not always ). People passing through seem to recognize something that has been left for free, as it does not seem to be a part of a display or attached to a garden. So, as noted by other saddened neighbors, possibly something new to the spot, having been leaned against the telephone pole, and on a busier street, just kind of may have indicated to a passer-by that their help removing it was to be appreciated.

    Since this stone’s removal may have been done under a mistaken and normally accepted condition, I hope it can be returned in good shape, and with an appreciation of the error that may have contributed to its removal.

  4. “I believe that someone took it thinking it was free, but it wasn’t and I would appreciate it’s return.”

    The man clearly understands that it was probably taken because someone thought it was free – he doesn’t need 3 people repeating the fact afterwards.

  5. I think sometimes people put stuff on the curb if they are giving it away for free. Maybe that’s what happened?

  6. go back & read his post, & the other comments…he fully acknowledges that…& regrets his decision to leave it there, harbors no ill will toward the folks that took it; simply wants it back, if possible.

  7. If you haven’t already, you might put up a sign in the spot from which the stone slab was taken asking for its return.

  8. Thanks Gracie.

    For all those who seem to be getting there fill of lol over my misfortune consider this.

    I’m only out $10. (lol diminished any?)I bought the stone on CL.
    Also I took the stone out to make room for tools and made $150 in three hrs doing some stair repairs. try qgi (that is quiet giggles inside) I have plenty of other design projects to work on, but am sorry this project has gone belly up. I was really excited about it.

    is summery lol folks, gal

  9. ya, I nailed a big plywood sign to the telephone pole. I will give it a week and then take it down.

  10. We’re not laughing at you, silly, we’re laughing at the comment thread. People don’t read or if they read, they don’t seem to comprehend. Dumb. Then we just rolled with it, because why not?

  11. Do you think it is at all possible that someone may have mistakingly taken it thinking it was free? I am not sure that I would go and accuse people of stealing things right out of the gate. People are good by nature and likely someone is in err.

    Try to keep a positive outlook….

  12. Nathaneal,

    We are your neighbors, and though I and most of us made light of your loss, I do not think we were doing anything more than attempting to be humerous and to laugh at a problem we could relate to. The fact that we created a “thread” of similar comments, possibly only indicates that your loss was getting the attention it deserved, and hopefully will get the results we all hope you want ( return of the way-ward stone ).

    I, and your supportive neighbors, appreciate the significance of your loss, the general neighborhood warning you offered, and for your request in obtaining any available assistance in getting your lost property back.

    Please accept that no disrespct nor bad wishes were intended.

  13. Maybe someone walking by and thought it was free? Figured they’d take it off your hands…just food for thought since I’m pretty sure you never considered that and I don’t think anyone else thought of that either.