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Four new businesses coming to 25th & Cherry

Construction work is underway inside the old Cherry St. Cleaners building, preparing it for new tenants. According to Shira, the lovely and charming and inquisitive bartender at the Twilight Exit (a CDNews sponsor), the building is being partitioned into a sort of mini-mall where access to each business will be from a shared hallway.

The prospective tenants are:

  • Burger joint
  • Consignment shop
  • Men’s and women’s hair salon
  • A check-cashing outlet

Exact opening dates weren’t available, but construction is expected to finish by early summer.

0 thoughts on “Four new businesses coming to 25th & Cherry

  1. Burger joint isn’t the best option since The Twilight is there serving burgers and BBq Pit just opened directly across the street.

    And how many check cashing outlets does Seattle need anyway?

  2. what is the best way to communicate with the developer about the check cashing place? aren’t there organizations that have successfully organized campaigns around this?

  3. I’m in 100% support of filling up empty buildings, especially ones like this that remind me of the rust belt. However, this is just more of the same stuff we already have. I’d like to see:

    A deli that has soup, sides and sandwiches
    A dry goods/hardware shop
    Maybe a Credit Union branch?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love burgers, bbq, and good hair. However, we already have a good variety of these things around us. I think a consignment shop would be a pretty cool addition the area.

    I loath check cashing places. I’d much rather see a credit union set up a branch.

  4. except for the check cashing place. twilight doesn’t open until 4pm, and charlies is over a mile away, so another burger joint wouldn’t be bad. consignment shop, ok. hair salon, ok. but check cashing place? yuck. we need things that we want to walk to regularly to patronize so that the neighborhood gets more foot traffic. the good kind.

    i agree with the deli suggestion!

  5. Any chance it’s red mill burgers? I wish. Also, didn’t CDN just recently report that a burger joint is going in across the street from the post office on 23rd and Union? That would be 3 burger joints in a half mile radius! I’ll take this line up of mediocre sounding businesses over an empty building….

  6. Just a place where I can surf and get a plain old filter coffee (without supporting homophobic churches)? Please?

  7. You know, BECU lost their branch at the Safeway last year. The ATM is still there, but the people are gone. When I asked at the time of closing, they thought perhaps they’d be looking for another location in the area. Don’t know if that’s still the case or who’d be best at getting them to look in the neighborhood.

  8. folks, i think i might scream if i hear another, “how about a…”

    guess what? people aren’t lining up to bring high end burger joints, delis, coffee shops, etc, to that location. hell, i think we should all give the TE 20 bucks a month just for having the jewels to move there.

    if you want something, recruit businesses to move there. or better yet–build something like Cortona did at 25th and Union (funny that the outcry over his religious beliefs almost drove him from that business). but to sit here and say, “how about” is f%$%ing comedy. kickass businesses don’t grow on trees…they take gutsy business people with vision and they’re not trolling this site waiting for your suggestion of a vegan deli.

  9. I’m with Elvis on this one. I can only add that most any business in that building is better than a seemingly abandoned and empty ne’er do well magnet. Once something opens in that location it’s YOUR dollars that dictate if it will survive or not.

  10. Any new business anywhere is making a bet that opening something at that location will be worthwhile. The way to make it happen is to be the customer of someone’s dreams or make that bet yourself and open a place. More people on the street doing things means more customers and more businesses. If there is something you want from a local business it never hurts to ask. Businesses want you to come to their place.

  11. I don’t think I have dropped my 20 bucks there this month yet. Lets go elvis. Pickled eggs are onnme and I’ll school u in shuffleboard.

  12. Needless to say, I hope that a check cashing business does not come to the old Cherry Street Cleaners building. Not only does that kind of business prey upon people with low incomes, I fear (selfishly) it may bring down property values in the area.

    Does anyone know the name/company of the leasing agent for that property? It might be useful to send a letter or two politely stating our objections.

    From what I understand the building owner is elderly and lives in Eastern Washington and has no control over what business the building is leased to.