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Cable & internet forum 3/25/10

March 25 Community Forum: Contract with City & Broadstripe Hurts South Seattle Neighborhoods

The advocacy group Upgrade Technology for Underserved Neighbors (UTUN) announces a forum Thurs. March 25, 2010 5:30 – 7 PM at the Central Area Senior Center, regarding a contract between internet and cable provider Broadstripe and the City of Seattle. UTUN includes multiple south Seattle neighborhoods who advocate for immediate improvement to substandard cable and internet services in certain areas. If you live in the Beacon Hill, Leschi, Judkins Park or Central District neighborhoods, please join us when City of Seattle and Broadstripe officials report on the 2010 Work Plan that is designed to monitor and document improvements for local cable and internet services.  The forum is at the Central Area Senior Center, 500 30th Ave. South 98144,  5:30 – 7 pm. Refreshments are provided by a key sponsor Central Area Development Association (CADA).

 Speakers include Broadstripe’s recently appointed Northwest General Manager David Irons and City of Seattle Chief Technology Officer Bill Schrier.

The UTUN group started in 2008 and works closely with the City of Seattle and Broadstripe for specific improvements to internet and cable services in underserved neighborhoods. The group uses the term “underserved” to describe sections of neighborhoods where the sole technology services available is determined by a contractual arrangement between the City of Seattle and most recently, the company Broadstripe (formerly Millenium). UTUN leaders contend that this arrangement originated as a type of redlining. The  term redlining originated in the 1960s – the practice of denying or denying access, or increasing the cost of, services such as banking, insurance, or even supermarkets to residents in certain, often racially determined areas. UTUN seeks special attention for improvements and changes as soon as possible. The underserved neighborhoods are sections of the Central District, Leschi, Judkins Park, Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill.

For more information about the forum, or to receive email updates, please contact Tracy Bier at 206-227-2369 or [email protected]. UTUN supporters and members include Leschi Community Council, Central Area Development Association (CADA), 30th Ave. S. Neighbors, 28th Ave. Neighbors, representatives from the King County Council, and Beacon Hill neighbors.

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  1. Just thought I’d add in my speeds here. I am near 23rd and Jackson on Qwest (or whoever they now are.)

    Paying $65 a month for 0.31 Mbps down, .26 up. Can hardly do anything. Need to find another option….