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Crazy Lady Has Questions for the Amazon Fresh Guy

I’ve heard some interesting things from my window near 22nd Ave. & Yesler Way before, but up until today I’ve never had a camera handy to capture any of it on video. Here’s the tail end of an exchange between a lady yelling at the Amazon Fresh guy delivering my neighbor’s groceries:


I spoke with the delivery guy afterward and he seemed to take incident in stride, said he sees all kinds of crazy stuff in this city and actually spotted the same woman earlier yelling at trees around the corner.

0 thoughts on “Crazy Lady Has Questions for the Amazon Fresh Guy

  1. I thought that was funny. While he might actually be the white devil it was very racist of her to assume that all white men are the white devil. She looked pretty clean clothed so I would not say she was tweaking on crack or meth – she is just an angry crazy lady. I do not recognize her as a user or prostitute from around 26th and Jackson, also known as the Median Hangout.

  2. Hi, so this was actually my delivery that this poor fellow was making–thanks to my neighbors who heard the yelling and caught it on video. I feel so bad for him… I really hope this does not cause AmazonFresh to reconsider their delivery area. :-(

  3. It says a lot to me about the community and about this site that people are aware enough to take and post videos and have a discussion. I’m further impressed that the woman receiving the delivery also happened to be a reader as well!

  4. Yeah sure it’s really funny – a crazy shouting nutbag lady.

    Until she takes it to the next level and runs into traffic, or attacks a small kid, or stabs a pregnant lady, or gets ahold of a frickin’ gun.

    Then we all whine and cry about how many people knew about her but nobody did anything.

    What the hell, people?

  5. Aside from remaining stoic and keeping our comments serious, what’s the right thing to do in a situation like this, Spiffy?

  6. Hmmmm… how would the new law apply? She wasn’t panhandling but she was intimidating. Would folks consider this threatening?

  7. I had a disturbed man at a bus stop say similar things to me in much the same tone here in the CD. He added in charges of witchcraft and draining the life from the elderly. Luckily his throwing aim was as poor as his reasoning. If it were up to him I’d be burned at the stake for sure.

    Mental illness manifests itself in many different ways. My father is a psychologist and when I told him about this incident wasn’t at all surprised. When you’re already paranoid for whatever reason, the __insert here__ devil can become very real. That delivery man was a convenient target for whatever she had brewed up and cooking at the time.

    Luckily she was happy to scream and move on.

  8. I lived at 28th and Norman for 4 years and this was par for the course. In that area, white people are evil no matter what they do.

  9. They *ARE* sneaky. Those delivery ninjas never wake up my dog in pre-dawn delivery..

  10. This is a hate crime, she is a criminal. This happens alot. I have witnessed it. She is not crazy, she is a criminal. I will forward this video to the city attorney and demand her arrest! The sooner racists like her are removed and their house abated the better! There are so many blacks and whites who get along here we do not need this anymore than we need the KKK.

  11. Spiffy is mostly right on – given there’s not much context added by the ‘author’, I have to ask, ‘what’s the point’? sure, it was handy to videotape this for potential evidence if something bad happened, but why post to a larger audience, if not for entertainment? Or for assuaging one’s ego for getting a post? i think i made fun of ‘crazy people’ in 5th grade.