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Cafe Char reopens

Some of you may have missed that Cafe Char opened last summer at 2314 East Madison and that it closed a few months after.  We are happy to report that it is once again open.  They reopened for business last Friday (3/19/10).  Photogenic Charnita, the owner’s daughter, has been replaced by friendly Teresa (business partner to owner Endanchy Girma), and the decor is a bit different (more homey, less African).  They still serve good coffee, and Teresa is currently offering $2 double shot lattes.  She has bagels and sandwiches and is trying to secure Charnita’s quiche recipe.  

Teresa is looking for feedback from neighbors on what they would like from the neighborhood cafe. Cafe Char’s hours are currently 8 am – 3 pm on weekdays and 11-5 on weekends.   As announced before, they plan on hosting monthly Ethiopian coffee ceremonies.  We will let you know when they have one scheduled.

0 thoughts on “Cafe Char reopens

  1. I would go there more often if it were open till at least 4:00. I’m more of an afternoon person for my latte excursions, and I kept discovering I was too late when it was open before.

  2. I never understood coffee shops with such early hours. Coffee shops are for night owls at midnight! Must be a west-coast thing. ;-)