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Six injured in crash at 23rd & King


On 3-27-10, at approximately 8:12 p.m.,  a maroon Toyota Celica, driven by a female was traveling southbound on 23rd Ave S.  At the same time a white Chevy Impala was northbound on 23rd Ave S. 

As both vehicles approached S King St the Toyota,  started to make a left turn to go eastbound on S King St.  The Toyota Celica struck the impala. 

This caused the Impala to slide out of control onto the east curb of 23rd Ave S and broadside a tree.  The impala bounced off the tree and came to rest partly on the curb and in the curb lane of 23rd Ave.     

The Seattle Fire Department responded to the scene.  The lone occupant of the Toyota and five individuals from the Impala were transported to Harborview Medical Center (HMC). 

One of the females passengers seated in the rear of the impala sustained a fractured ankle and possibly a fracture jaw.  The other female had a fractured pelvis.  All the other individuals had minor injuries.    

A DUI /Drug Recognition Officer responded to HMC and completed an evaluation of the female driver of the Toyota Celica for signs of impairment.  The Driver exhibited signs of impairment or intoxication. Charges are pending blood analysis.  

Traffic CoIlision Investigators responded and processed the scene.  

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  1. I had an identical accident at that intersection late last year. In my case, I was /almost/ able to stop, though, and all the cars managed to stay on the street, at least. My car was totaled, but there were no injuries.

    Left turns across 23rd are more problematic than they really should be. There’s unobstructed sightlines for most of its length, and the speed limit is a leisurely 30. Yet there’s always issues with people turning left who don’t or can’t see oncoming traffic, and the oncoming traffic often closes at much faster than 30.

    I don’t think there’s anything, short of iron-fisted speed enforcement or banning most left turns, that SDOT can do to improve the safety of 23rd.