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CD Wildlife Watch: Eagles and hawk

It’s easy to get envious in the neighborhood news biz. Other spots are gifted with exciting things like cougars and whales and bears (oh my!). So it’s cool when we get some of our own.

We spotted these two eagles flying in slow circles over Immaculate Conception Church:

And here’s an unidentified hawk we saw sitting in a tree at the corner of 22nd & Cherry:

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  1. Several years ago, we went on a bat watch adventure at Seward Park but then discovered they are out in force in our own neighborhood at dusk. Now we just go out on the deck and watch them lurch about like drunken birds. We also have eagles and red-tailed hawks nesting in the ravine to the west of us, a wild undeveloped area that runs from upper Leschi steeply down to the arterial leading down to the lake. Fascinating to live in the city and still see such marvels. One morning a huge old possum waddled across our patio in search of we know not what.

  2. Please come ‘love them little mousies, mousies what we loves to eat*’ at my house. Mosquitoes & rats, too. Squirrels if you like. No kitties, please.

    I’ve been enjoying the hummingbirds, too. Have hummer-attracting plants to put in for their buffet.

    *apologies to Kliban and his red-high-top-Converse-wearing kitties.

  3. I believe that’s a sharp-shinned hawk. We’ve seen it around our house, too… keeping an eye on our bird feeders, I fear! But so far it hasn’t seemed to disturb the hummingbirds.

  4. I’d say it’s a cooper’s hawk. The sharp shinned is smaller and more streamlined.

  5. I used to live on the south end of beacon hill, where Henderson crossed MLK and begins to climb up the windy road that eventually leads to the top of Beacon Hill. There used to be a HUGE eagle nest, perched atop of a utility pole that you could see as you began to drive up that windy road. I saw this nest for several years, and then, this year, with the advent of the light rail, i see that the nest is no longer there, and neither is the utility pole. Does anyone know of a website that i could go to that might have some info on what happened to this nest? I know that there are laws protecting the eagle, and i also know that eagles use the same nest over and over again, so i am kinda at a loss to try and imagine what has happened. I love the pictures you posted of the eagles. Thanks for any help you can provide. Gia

  6. Working from my home office one day, I saw a HUGE shadow go over my house on 20th and land on the roof of a house on 19th. A great blue heron was perched on the peak, scouting out the ‘hood for tasty fishy snacks. He eventually settled on the fish pond in a neighbor’s backyard across the street. Don’t know if he got lucky or not!

  7. I agree, this bird is probably a Coopers Hawk. I’ve seen both Sharpshinned and Coopers Hawks in my neighborhood (26th and Union). I’ve also seen Merlins and Peregrine falcons. Eagles and Ospreys (in summer) are regularly seen.