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Bar 19 delayed till Summer 2010

We checked in with Kedra Olsen on Bar 19.  Here is what she shared with CDN:

“Yeah – I have EVERYTHING except for one spec sheet (waiting on one guy. I am headed to pick things up in person from him tomorrow). With that said, we are submitting 2 sets of plans (we are asking for a small variance to the health code requirements) – one will have all the health department requirements, and one with the variance we are asking for. These all get submitted and dispersed to the health dept, the plumbing division of the health dept, and the planning dept. Our designers says it might take a couple of weeks to wade through the bureaucracy, but likely a lot longer. We hope that we have permits by the end of April and will start construction in May — we are hoping the build is basic enough to take 6 to 8 weeks – so summer is likely. For sure before July!!”

0 thoughts on “Bar 19 delayed till Summer 2010

  1. any chance there will be outside seating? it would be great to be able to bring a dog to hang out outside with! either way, very excited!!

  2. There is that strip along 19th that seems perfect for a little outdoor spot! We ARE looking into it….

  3. you should know the city charges a ton for an outdoor booze license. i’ve talked to other bar owners and you really have to have the clientle to make it work.

  4. Our goal is to just get open, really. The second goal is to switch the permit from a “food establishment” to a “bar/drinking establishment”. This will cost us about $6000 due to “impact studies” required by the city for the change of use permit – with such a huge cost, we plan to do it down the road.

    Might be easier to try for the outdoor permit as a food establishment before applying for the new permit! Lots to think about and research!!

  5. Whenever it opens, I will be there for a pint. Very much looking forward to this addition to our neighborhood.

  6. I’ll second the boundary bay request by JP! If you serve Boundary Bay it is a guaranteed monthly revenue source from me!! Can’t wait to check the place out.