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Burgers @ 23rd/Spring

Looks like we’ll be getting a burger shop in the old Collins Gold Exchange building across from the post office. I don’t know the details on opening date, menu and such- but hear that the owners are looking to open a “nice” shop- good food, warm/open layout. I directed them to CDNews, so hopefully we’ll hear more soon!

0 thoughts on “Burgers @ 23rd/Spring

  1. I can hardly wait until the old sign comes down. Every time I see it my slingshot trigger fingers itch….. I wish the new business owners well and hope it IS nice for us and them.

  2. The folks opening it are our old landlords. They are really good people and a burger place is a great addition to the neighborhood.

  3. I told the owners that was ESSENTIAL for their success. ;)
    They assured they will have veggie options.