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Horse, goat escapees make a break for it in Mad Valley

Horse back in his home. Wily goat accomplice not pictured

Here’s something you don’t see every day in the Central District: 911 operators received a report of a gray horse walking up 32nd street in Madison Valley.

We raced over there, expecting the neighborhood news photo of a lifetime, and found that the horse was safe and sound in his barn.

A city employee working on a construction project told us that they saw the horse and his goat pal out on a stroll, and they escorted them back to their yard. Evidently the goat is wily, and has found a way to open the lock on the fence. They caught him trying it again a bit later.

0 thoughts on “Horse, goat escapees make a break for it in Mad Valley

  1. You can all come meet wily goat and his mini horse pal as this garden and its creatures will be on the CD Garden Tour May 22nd.

    This is my all-time favorite police scanner item. Made me smile. :) Thanks!

  2. largely b/c i take out of town guests by there just for a “WTF!?!” moment. everybody kinda marvels at their existence.

  3. I passed by that spot about an hour before the beasties were about. Wish I’d seen them clomping down the street!

  4. That is one ugly animal. And those who find this statement unnecessary are most likely uglier than this ugly horse.

  5. Viva is owned by the imfamous owners of The RUIN’s private club. Joe was told he could not “rent” him for a party, so he bought him. He has lived with Joe and VIrginia ever since. He escapes on a regular basis.

  6. Yes, you can have a goat here, too. Up to three, in fact, if you don’t have other pets.

  7. Hey those guys are my great buddies when I take walks. They should be allowed out for more strolls as long as they make it back home. Three cheers for happy endings!