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Garfield’s 12-6 win ends last season’s losing streak

Saturday’s sun peaked in and out over West Seattle Stadium as the Garfield Bulldogs football team clenched their first win of the year over the Franklin Quakers; a much needed victory after a winless 2008 season. 

After a scoreless first quarter, Garfield’s towering wide receiver Tony Wroten Jr. led the team to its first touchdown despite a drive laden with penalties. Wroten, Garfield’s nationally ranked Basketball star, just started playing football again this year. His talents played a role in Saturday’s win, regardless of a minor injury causing him to sit out for most of the 4th quarter.

But Wroten, as well as many of the other players on the field struggled with turnovers and penalties. Multiple Franklin fumbles as well as dozens of Garfield offensive fouls caused many opportunities to be given away. Also, both teams failed to score any point-afters.

However, lost yardage, a late Franklin touchdown and the leadership of Franklin’s quarterback could not overcome Garfield’s craving for victory. Running back Valebtino Coleman’s 4th quarter touchdown sealed the win for the Bulldogs, and started their season off right.

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