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Clean Greens Market Open Today

Need spme veggies for your holiday weekend feast? The Clean Greens Market is open today until 3pm. They’ve got zuccini, squash, greens, radishes, and black eyed peas.

It’s all organic and grown at their farm in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Look for the white canopy at 116 21st.

0 thoughts on “Clean Greens Market Open Today

  1. The green beans are amazing and plentiful. We could use some help harvesting if anyone is up for a trip out to the farm. The cantaloupe is ripening and also incredibly good. We should have some at the market next week. Of course the kale, collards, turnips and mustard greens keep coming, too.

  2. When do you usually harvest? Weekdays are usually good times for me, so if you go out during the week, I’d love to help some time.

  3. We usually go out Thursday morning, leaving New Hope Baptist Church (116 21st Ave) at 7am and getting back to the church around 1pm. We also go out Saturday mornings at 7am for a quicker trip. You can also email [email protected] to see about going out to the farm another time. Thanks!!!