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Reader warning about late night robbery

Tipster S.E. sends us a heads-up about some friends who were mugged as they were leaving a party last Wednesday at 1am, near the intersection of 22nd & E. Pine:

They were walking back to their car and were approached by a group of 6 men as they got to their vehicle.  One of the men asked for 50 cents – the male victim gave it to him as he was letting his girlfriend into the passenger side of the car.  When he walked over to the drivers side of his car, 3 of the men were waiting there for him.  They punched him in the face, and stole the female victim’s purse before running off (likely because the woman was screaming).  

Obviously this was a pretty disconcerting event, and I wanted to be sure others knew about it.

An important factor here is that the victims apparently didn’t immediately call 911, waiting instead to report it to authorities the next day. This was a serious crime with an element of violence, and a 911 call would have resulted in an immediate police response that would have had a chance of catching the perpetrators.

If you’re a victim of or witness to a crime, however small, be sure and call it in immediately. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this with us, Scott.

    Over and over again the police tell us to call 911 immediately in these situations. It is not a burden on them; in fact, it creates a record that helps quantify the crime level that is part of the statistical rationale for allocating the police budget to precincts around the city. And seconds count in giving the responding officers an opportunity to apprehend the perpetrators before they do a similar thing to someone else.

  2. SPD is still arresting and jailing people for victimless crimes. What’s worse — letting the people who stole your purse get away, or risk being arrested/tazed/shot/jailed/prosecuted with a felony charge for being at a party? Until the SPD stops arresting victims, many of us aren’t going to call 911 to report actual crimes.

  3. That is a ridiculous rationale..I had to read it three times to make sure I was reading it correctly.

  4. I’ve called the police numerous times since I moved here and I’ve never been treated poorly by them. They’ve always been nice, helpful and they’ve certainly never threatened me. If your are scared what the heck is in your purse (or pockets, or backpack, wallet whatever)

  5. I’m talking about drugs. People do drugs at parties. Nobody intelligent is going to report a purse snatching to risk getting felony charges or risk getting assaulted by the police. If the SPD stops arresting people for victimless crimes, we will start helping them catch real criminals. Until then, sorry – they’re as much of a problem as purse snatchers.

  6. You will start helping police catch criminals when they let you do illegal drugs with no fear of prosecution or when drugs are legal?

    1. You are not helping police by calling in violent crime. You are helping you. And me. And our neighbors. And maybe they stop commiting class B felonies with a few months in jail or they are eventually 3 striked out and off the street. And you might even save their life; because if I had gross bodily harm done toward me and my party during a strong arm robbery I will shoot them.

    2. Saying drugs at parties is a victimless crime is equivelant to drunk driving. It is victimless until you plow into some poor saps car and maim or kill them (or yourself and/or passengers). Yes. You are right though. Police are as much of the problem as purse snatchers – to those committing felonies. Why do you think that you have the right to commit what our society has deemed felonious and not have to pay the penalty when caught? The purse snatcher feels the same way. Why should taking something from a wealthier person be a crime when they are stronger and more numerous than you because you were not smart enough to equip yourself with defense against harm to your body and property?

    As far as the last post is concerned I think you could reword your response to this: People who are not currently breaking the law or have done so in the past and have a record for it will never ever know what it feels like to think the police might find out about what you have done and catch you. I have no use for people paid to protect general society from acts committed by me and others. And to make myself more at risk I commit grosss misdemeaners by failing to yield to police during emergency response and/or pursuit while committing greater felonious acts so that I might blame society when I am behind bars.

  7. then what made you such an asshole?

    Goddamn Johnny law over here walks the straight and narrow, not like you dopers!

    Lol @ society has deemed felonious?

    Talking to you at a party would be worse then getting robbed

  8. You have been lucky perhaps. The cops in this town act like they are the Gestapo. I have called the police before for incidents in my neighborhood and they have come to my front door, holsters unstrapped (as if I would come out guns blazing AFTER I called the cops), and with an attitude that I am part of the problem. I once crossed the street in the middle of the block, in an area where there was no crosswalk within a reasonable distance, and a cop car raced up to me, as if it was about to run me down and the cop (who was all decked out in his uniform-looking more like a band leader) SCREAMED at me. I think he was trying to look big and tough in front of the rookie he was riding with. But I thought for a moment there I was about to be ordered to the ground and beaten. I can tell you a half a dozen other stories where the cops have treated me with the uttmost disrespect and even hostility. The cops in this town are a**holes. Think they are all big city tough guys. Let us not forget their over reaction at WTO 10 years ago where they randomly beat restaurant goes, innocent bystanders, and even people caught walking their pets, in Capitol Hill who were running for cover as the police were pursuing the rioters. BEWARE!