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Garfield band finishes band camp; ready for the year

Thursday afternoon brought Garfield High School’s marching band camp to a close, after 3 full days of rehearsal and hard work.

Tony Sodano, Garfield’s third year marching band director, was happy about the progress made this week, but said they still have more to do. Sonata said the Drumline grew this year (which you can hear in the video), but they still had trouble getting wind instrument players to come out and wishes more of the players from Garfield’s nationally recognized jazz program would join.  I caught a glimpse and an earful of what will hopefully be leading the football team to victory this year at the end-of-camp showcase for friends and parents. The band is not playing at this Saturday’s game, but begins their season on the 12th.

Here’s the band playing “Louie Louie” – Warning: The room was quite loud while the band was playing, as reflected in the sound quality of this video. 

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