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Lorraine, you are my density

Curbside In The CD: This vehicle was the time machine in the movie Back to The Future before Michael J. Fox replaced Rick Schroeder in the lead role. Michael insisted on a DeLorean. What Michael wants, Michael gets. I believe this is an Oldsmobile sedan, let’s say mid ‘70s. The re-badging on the car would have us believe this is a Capissen 38. The themes seem to revolve around space travel and signal jamming. The burn marks around the jet motor and side thrusters look like this car has some actual flame effects! The fluids under the hood likely have not been checked since 1987, so this car should be a strong runner. Be sure to check out the photographs.

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  1. With that tow rig, I wonder if he can tow me back to the future?
    Or just pick a time, past or present, when my mullet will be at the top again!