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Discount Chicken at Ezell’s – Blog Fail!

Just got word from a frien that Ezell’s (23rd & Jefferson) is having a
big anniversary sale of chicken. Evidently there’s some long lines,
but probably worth it if you’re lacking dinner plans.

0 thoughts on “Discount Chicken at Ezell’s – Blog Fail!

  1. you deserve a break. Well you said a friend told you..

    Sooooo What did you learn at he city council committee meeting. And, did people enjoy the ice cream? That WAS nice of Sally Clark, and even though the topic waw a bit of a stretch, they were supposed to have an hour for public comments.

  2. Does Ezell’s still allow employees to take home unsold chicken? If so don’t go there before closing b/c they will not sell you any chicken. I have experienced this.

    The chicken is so very very overrated. I don’t mind paying extra on the 1st Sunday of the month at St. Clouds. Also, Kingfish on 19th.