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Woodworking School Expansion Gets Green Light

The expansion of Seattle Central Community College’s Woodworking school we previewed back in March has gotten a green light from the city.

It’s an almost complete reworking of the woodworking campus at 23rd & Lane. Only one existing building on the northwest corner of the property will remain, and 57,000 square feet of new instructional and administrative space and a 48-stall parking lot will be constructed on the rest of the block.

The city has placed several conditions on the project:

  • They’ll have to document that staff, student, & construction worker parking will be provided off-street until the new parking lot is completed
  • The school has to provide documentation to the Puget Sound Clear Air Authority to allow them to assess and mitigate air pollution
  • Construction limited to 7:30am – 6:00pm weekdays and 9:00am-6:00pm Saturdays
  • Forty parking spaces to be provided at Mt. Baker Baptist Church during construction
  • The school will have to hire an acoustical expert and document that there’s sufficient mitigation against noise at the new facility

We couldn’t reach anyone at the school this afternoon to get a start date for construction. However, they’ve still got to go through all of the normal construction permitting processes, so it’s likely at least a few months away.

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