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Neighborhood University Prepping for Fall Season

The Colman neighborhood’s N’hood U project ( is amping up for the fall season, and accepting new offerings until September 18th.  

N’hood U is dedicated to the proposition that life long learning is an adventure that should be available to all. N’hood U is a gathering of teachers and learners originating in the Colman neighborhood of Seattle, WA, and open to anyone seeking to engage with others in further learning.

If you’d like to teach a class, or if there’s a class you’d like to take, contact me at [email protected]. I’ll post the offerings in the blog, and advertise them on the CNA chat line as they come in, and then do a full catalog when they’ve stopped, but to keep things somewhat real let’s say the deadline for the fall catalog is September 18th.

Please use this format:

Name of Class

Instructor’s Name

Short Description

When: Starting date, frequency, end date if there is one



Contact name, phone number, email

A short bio of the instructor, facilitator, host, whatever..

0 thoughts on “Neighborhood University Prepping for Fall Season

  1. I enjoyed Sonia Krishnan’s feature story (8/30, B1, B7)about the Neighborhood “University.”
    I’m a lifer (45 years as a college teacher) and my wife has many years teaching experience, K-8, college.
    We live in Ocean Park, WA (edge of the world on the Long Beach peninsula) where many retired teachers reside.
    I’d like to gather together some of those well-seasoned veteran teachers (plus others who can or want to teach some subject they love passionately). Motivate them to teach something during those long, sometimes-dreary rainy months this winter.
    How did you get your idea started? A breakfast, conference (I think yours was a Feb. conference), etc.?
    I’d gather retired teachers together for an informal coffee-house meeting, perhaps, or at our library community meeting room. Ask about subjects they know, love and can share with others (free or at minimal cost).
    Run a small ad in local weekly. Maybe get a feature story promoting the concept.
    I think you’re on to something here. We seniors (I’m 71) shouldn’t rust out. I’ll wear out happily, if I can join with others to learn ’till we die.
    Best regards.
    Robert Brake
    [email protected]

  2. I would love to start something like this in north Seattle/Shoreline, too! I have tremendous experience at bringing people together for fundraisers and it would be fun to bring them together for learning new tricks and meeting new people. Would love to meet with you and brainstorm. You are really on to something that could (and should) spread like wildfire!