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Seen: Two Chocolate Lab/Mix Dogs Loose at 26th Ave & Jefferson St.

While on my normal morning dog walk route today (Monday 8/24) at 6:50am we encountered two chocolate labs (possibly with some mix) at 26th Avenue and Jefferson St. that appeared to be running free and possibly escaped from a yard. One male and one female, both with collars on and the female appeared to have a license tag and the male no tag. Unfortunately with 3 dogs of my own in hand already I was not able to catch them to check further, so posting here in case someone is in search of them.

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  1. They must be habitual wanderers. I saw them about a week ago at 26th and Washington. I was heading out with my own dogs in the car, and couldn’t stop for similar reasons. Someone needs to tell the lab owners to upgrade the fencing.

  2. They’re regular runners on our block (27th/Jefferson) (as in: They regularly get loose). It’s actually been much less frequent this year than last. They’re friendly though, and do live on that 26th & Jefferson block

  3. JRo and kb, thanks for letting me know they are regulars of the neighborhood. I walk by that intersection almost every morning and had never seen them before, so was worried they may have been wandering from afar, but sounds like it is their neighborhood and they had not strayed too far. Just didn’t want them getting out into traffic particularly on the busier arterials, so hopefully they stick near home when loose at least.

  4. I saw them loose one night late and went and knocked on the door, the owner of the dogs said he lets them loose and they come back. Usually they are tied in the back. He didn’t seem concerned with them running loose. I saw them today loose early this am, usually he lets them out at night. They live in the green house with a loose fence on 500 block of 26. Hopefully they don;t get picked up or hit.