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Neighborhood University makes the Seattle Times

Out of town comments left in the previous CDNews post about the Colman area’s “Neighborhood University” pointed me to this Seattle Times article about the unique educational effort:

“Neighborhood University,” as it’s known, operates in the Colman community near Judkins Park. It started in the spring after longtime resident Richard Wells floated an idea: Why not create a forum — “a university, of sorts” — where neighbors can tap each other to learn something new? He envisioned a free-flowing educational exchange, minus the baggage and costs of a traditional school.

 The program includes an academic all-star cast of Central District residents, including the Perry brothers.

Want to sign up for a class or teach one? Contact [email protected] by September 18th.

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  1. Hey Scott, thanks for the plug. I’d really like to see this thing pick up speed and every mention helps. Hope you’re well.