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Neighborhood Plan Survey Reminder: August 12 deadline

You’ve got till Wednesday August 12th to submit your views online! (I’ve attached what I submitted). Here’s a link to some background information. The official line:

The Seattle Planning Commission and Neighborhood Planning Advisory Committee want your feedback about the current status of your neighborhood plan and the changes that have taken place since the plan was adopted.

One neighbor notes:

The virtual meeting deal is picking up steam. The Planning commission got a big bunch from Ballard, and last count was over 450 citywide (compared to just under 300 at the actual meetings). What this means is that the City will have more to work with from the neighborhoods that speak up and may pay more attention to them. If you haven’t yet, fill out the questionnaire.

and another reports:

It’s an interesting set of materials and does not take that long to do. I watched the short presentation, and studied the summary document. I thought about what I think are positive developments in the last 10 years, what I think needs more attention as far as implementation of the plan or new things the plan might address, and what I thought of the materials. Then I filled out the survey, which is just a few simple questions with a huge amount of space for comment.

Recall that the Planning Commission held in-person meetings, but only 3 people from the Central District attended (conflict with Election Forum) and none from the Pike-Pine neighborhood. We asked for a joint “make-up” meeting of the Central Area, Capitol Hill and Pike-Pine neighborhoods. The City seems reluctant to commit to that, but will be having a meeting for the Central Area (on or before September 12th, location to be determined) and will welcome people from Capitol Hill & Pike-Pine. They note:

We will make available the maps and remaining draft status reports we have for Capitol Hill & Pike Pine should anyone attend from those areas.

The on-line survey is useful, but I think the conversations with neighbors from our (and adjoining) areas that will be  part of the in-person meeting will help us all focus our ideas. I’ll let you know when I hear more, and hope you’ll get the word out to Capitol Hill & Pike-Pine neighbors.

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  1. I said a TON more than you did LOL. However you are concerned or pleased, please comment. I have been sending this info out to friends by email. And, if you know people who do not have email, I believe you can contact them and ask for a hard copy. Of course, better will be to invite people to talk in person when they schedule the meeting.

  2. Looking at the graphs, Ballard people have a LOT of stuff to say and contributed. Andrew, thank you for sharing your responses.