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DMI arrest last night

At 25th and cherry last night, we had one of our first DMI busts. Officer Murray told me that this person was “on the list”, presumably meaning they were present at the intervention meeting Thursday night.

Is anyone aware of other arrests? It would be nice if there was a way to track candidate success rates.

In any rate, keep calling 911 when you see activity (in this case it looked like dealing combined with solicitation, though I’m not sure what charges have been filed).

0 thoughts on “DMI arrest last night

  1. If this program proceeds as advertised, it will be a win-win. If a candidate rejoins the community in a positive way, everyone wins. If he/she continues negative activities, that particular problem goes away and the message is reinforced.

  2. I did not know what was going on, but Wednesday night, I saw a disturbingly large group in the alley behind the liquor store there at 23rd and Union, and I should have called about it, I do not know why I didn’t. But I have not seen a group there while driving to work since. So maybe the ultimatum is being taken seriously by some.

  3. I know of a second arrest. I don’t think this person participated (fully?) in the meeting.