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MISSING: Star of David from Upperroom Church

The Star of David from the Upperroom Church of God in Christ (26th and Fir) has been taken. The Star usually sits on top of the Church, but was temporarily sitting on the ground behind the building during some repair work. We need it back – please help us find it! If you have any information about the Star’s whereabouts, please call 799-4149.

Thank you!

Update by scott: Just talked to the building owner, who said that her husband had been working on the roof yesterday and he had temporarily removed the star. The theft evidently happened overnight as a deacon saw it on the ground behind the building late last night, but then it was gone this morning. 

The building is an old synagogue dating from 1933, and the owners are very upset that something with so much historical and cultural value would be stolen like that.

They are going to contact local metal dealers to see if the thief might try to recycle the metal.

Here’s a Google streetview of what the star looked like when it was in its place:

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0 thoughts on “MISSING: Star of David from Upperroom Church

  1. I live two houses down from the church, and I saw the star sitting there on Sunday night around 10pm! We try not to leave anything in front of our house of any value, because things constantly go missing from our yard. A housemate of mine once had to chase a kid down the block to get one of our grocery delivery bins back!

  2. People, wake up! You live in the Central District. Anything not nailed down, secured by a chain with a lock or bolted down will eventually be taken. It is not an ‘If’ but a ‘when’ it will be taken…

    *shakes head*

  3. I was perplexed to see Star of David graffiti around the CD, and have since learned that they’re gang symbols (both 5- and 6-point stars are common). So a gigantic star such as that may have been coveted.

    Couldn’t find a picture of the Deuce 8 symbol online, so had to go look at the one defacing our local elementary school. (That’s right. Tomorrow it gets painted over.) It’s a 6-pointed “Star of David” with a trident/pitchfork lower left, and an 8 on the upper right—correct me if I’m wrong, kids.

    Here’s a page that talks a little about NW gangs, with pictures of logos.

  4. It’s not necessarily a gang thing or a scrapper thing, for that matter. It could be someone who is devout what wanted to save it, or someone who wanted a campy accessory for their home. Didn’t is used to light up or something?

  5. So many reasons to want a giant star. I know it would make an awesome centerpiece for my garden. And yet… stealing is wrong, people! That old right-and-wrong thing, stops me every time.

  6. It has been that way for a long time, but I’ve noticed that has changed quite a bit in my little corner of the CD (20th & Marion vicinity). So maybe all the new neighbors and mondo foot/bike/stroller traffic has made it a little harder here now!

  7. Every block is different, I’ve never had a problem and I’m one block up from the church. I used to look at the star from my kitchen window everyday.

    I love the diverse history of our area….I do have to agree that the star shouldnt have been left outside…thats just asking someone to take it.