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Suspicious Circumstance

Here’s the beat from the streets of Seattle’s EP on a cloudy August day:

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  1. Large SPD vehicle parked in front of liquor store late this afternoon. Anything special going on?

  2. It might have just been a convenient parking spot, since the precinct is like the next block, right?

  3. My neighbor’s house was broken into today and her macbook with all her travel photos on it was taken. Anyone know how “they” unload computers, where we could look?

  4. I saw lot of commotion going on at 25th and Union with the large SPD vehicle on the scene plus three police cars. One man videotaping the whole deal (it seemed like a large response for an assault (I am assuming that was what it was). Funny how a large SPD mobile unit (basically an Police RV) seems to deter most of the drug activity when parked right outside Thompsons restaurant/bar.

  5. I walked by the War Room on the way back from Das Barbecu at ACT (GO SEE IT!) shortly after 10pm and the music/bass was barely audible on the Pike Street side. Continuing up Pike, we found the Comet, Wildrose and Purr were all MUCH louder. Folks who move in near a nightclub should expect some noise. Pike/Pine is a urban neighborhood after all. There have been bars in those locations for many decades that employey a lot of folks.

  6. Three big trucks, 2 Aid vans and a fire chief car roaring down Lake Dell/East Alder before 8 last night. Another small boat fire??

  7. Keep and eye on Craigslist and Ebay. When I was robbed last year, SPD found a lot of my stuff at south end (Skyway and Renton) pawn shops.

  8. FYI – We deleted a comment that named a possible suspect in the 8:08pm assault. We tried to verify the information beforehand but could not, so we’re deleting the comment to avoid assigning blame to the wrong person