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Shots Fired

Here’s the scene from the streets of Seattle’s East Precinct for a sunny Monday in August:

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0 thoughts on “Shots Fired

  1. Does anyone know why there has been a giant paddywagon parked outside Thompson’s all evening? Just curious…

  2. Must be there because the new “small fry” dealer plan isn’t working. I dunno, just a guess… haven’t heard much more about it.

  3. Woke up because of an amplified voice, unfortunately couldn’t understand or remember what it said. Turns out it came from a police car that was slowly traveling south in the alley between 17th and 18th Avenues, between Marion and Spring. Another police car followed. Both had bright lights and seemed to be scanning the area for something or somebody. A bunch of excited, nervous people had gathered toward the north end of the alley in this block. I was too far away and couldn’t hear what they were saying. Anybody have any idea what happened? We’ve certainly had our share of crimes and troubles in this block.

  4. i saw this too at about 8 pm just sitting there right in front of thompsons…i was wondering the same thing

  5. Wow. I live at the south end of that alley and slept right through the excitement. Now I’m very curious! (I’ve lived here for almost 9 years now and have to say on the whole, the street has gotten way better in that time thanks to repeated calls to the police from us and our neighbors.)