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Bicycle theft from garage, behind house on S King St between 18th and 20th

Last Tuesday August 18 between 8am and 7:30pm, two bikes were stolen from our garage on S King St between 18th and 20th Ave. The garage is separate from the house. The bikes were visible from the window. Someone was obviously wandering through backyards, found our bikes and made the theft. I was out of town at the time.

Can you keep an eye out for our bikes?  A road bike and a mountain bike. 

Road/touring bike (skinny tires, drop handlebars) description:

Silver color; black electrical tape and stickers (a prominent large red one said “Memphis”) covering the down tube; blue handlebar tape; black seat with red striping at back; 27 speed; brand/make: Specialized Sequoia Expert. Please see the grainy picture attached, swiped from Google Streetview.

Mountain bike: brown and blue, no shocks. No other description.

Thanks for keeping an eye out!  If you have any news, please contact me at [email protected] or call 206.684.3662 (day), 901.489.6731 (evening).

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