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June Crime Stats: Total Crime Down 10% Vs. 2008

SPD is getting really regular about releasing monthly crime stats now, which is a good change after we went most of 2008 without any updates at all. The stats for June are now out, and there’s good news about them too, with total crimes in the Greater Central District* down 10% over June 2008, and down 2% YTD vs. 2008.

Crime rates are down in almost every category except robberies: (stats given are June 09 vs. June 08)

  • Assaults: Down 20%
  • Robberies: Up 125%
  • Burglaries: Down 17%
  • Theft: Down 3%
  • Vehicle Theft: Down 47%

The stats are organized by police beat, which you can see mapped on the SPD website. Crimes are down in three Central District beats and up in one, with the northeastern part of the neighborhood seeing a huge improvement:

  • C3 (Montlake, Madison Park, Madison Valley, Madrona): Down 37%
  • G1 (Squire Park, Radio Point): Down 8%
  • G2 (Jackson Place, Little Saigon, Judkins Park): Up 10%
  • G3 (Garfield, Leschi): Down 11%

Here’s some overview graphs that will give you a feeling of the seasonal variation in crime:


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  1. Generally:
    Robberies include violence or the threat of violence against a person
    Burglaries are when something is stolen from inside a premise without violence