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CD favorite Late(r) night hangouts

I ran across a post the other day where people were discussing the lack of evening/night places in the CD to hang out.  So I thought I’d list a couple of my favorites (in no particular order) that are open past 7pm and see if others had suggestions to add:

Watertown (12th/Jefferson-ish)  — cafe serving Vivace beans, vegetarian food, and they now have a full bar!  I think they’re open from early morning until 9 or 11pm (I can’t remember which).  It’s more like a cafe to hang out in, they have an xbox, board games, and a ping pong table too.

Twilight (25th/Cherry) — bar that opens around 4ish until last call.  Full bar/food, now with an outdoor patio open until 9pm and ping pong outside.  Their food rocks and their drinks are cheap, with happy hour from open until 8pm.

Central Cinema (21st/Union) — A must for anyone who lives in the CD and beyond.  Beer/Wine, Coffee/Tea.  A cafe that serves good food and has wifi and a few board games.  And, of course, the cinema that you can also order food/drinks in.  The cafe is usually a chill place to hang out in, and they have A/C for those occasional Seattle heat waves.

Cafe Presse (12th/Spring?) — cafe/bar that serves full espresso options, food, and full bar. open from 7am until 2am I think.  While it does get busy during peak eating hours, I’ve been able to hang out here and work (they have wifi) or sit at the bar with a book with no problems.  They don’t like it when you take up multiple tables though.

What are your favorites?  Add them to the reviews section!

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  1. If you love fresh ice cream with an old school approach, check out FullTilt ice cream just south of the CD. It is at 5101 Rainier Avenue South #105 and serves up great ice cream flavors like Mint Chip, Mexican Chocolate, Thai Iced Tea, Horchata, Blue Moon, Ube and also vegan options like Vegan Vanilla, Lavendar Lime Sorbet. The great thing is that they have pinball machines, video games like Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Centipede and also sell cream soda and beer. This place is so much fun!

  2. I’m not much of a night-owl, but I have it on good authority that the Bottleneck on Madison (a CDNews advertiser) is open into the wee hours. They just got wifi as well.

  3. The new Mediterranean place on 26th and Jackson looks pretty shady but the food is pretty decent, especially if you are craving a gyro at midnight. The times I have been there, they seem to be out of everything else, but the gyro meat is nicely seasoned and abundant, reasonably priced too. I am pretty sure they are open until 2am daily. They seem to only have one person working usually though, so their service is slow, but they always seem nice.

  4. Yes . . . the BottleNeck at 2328 E Madison Street. Open to midnight Sunday to Wednesday; to 2 a.m. Thursday – Saturday. Cozy and friendly.

  5. Thanks for the mini-review, CO. I live around the corner and will plan to work it into my limited restaurant routine…

  6. Soho Coffee on 20th and Yesler is a great place to hang out. The staff is really nice and they go out of their way for you.

  7. I am very excited to see these places listed. I’ll be checking them out soon I’ve felt so locked in without fun places to hang out at night, I’m not a bar girl so cafe’s and resturants are my favorite!

    Thank you everyone for posted these places!

  8. This place rocks! Great coffee, good food and now drinks. Plus, Amy and Co. have the requisite amount of spunky attitude. Check them out!

  9. I totally love Soho too and its a great spot during the day, but isn’t open past 5:00pm.

  10. I don’t think Madrona has its own blog, but there are a cluster of restaurants and an ‘ale house’ open after 7 pm at 34th and Union. The new Thai shop was highlighted here.

    Cupcake Royale/Verite Coffee up there is open until 8 pm.

  11. The best hang-out place. Kitchen takes orders till 1:30am which is amazing. And their staff are amazingly nice and I’ve never felt rushed even when its nearly 2am.

    If its just to eat before 10pm – Moonlight Cafe rocks. If you don’t believe me, try the vegan lemongrass beef :)