Central District hipster geek alert: The Stranger’s Slog hosting Twilight Exit happy hour

The site of many Instivate (the technology power behind CDNews!) team meetings, the Twilight Exit will be crawling with even more cool kids than usual:

Tomorrow Is Slog Happy Day!
posted by MEGAN SELING on WED, AUG 12, 2009 at 9:33 AM

This month’s Slog Happy is going to be a good one! It’s being held at the new(ish) Twilight Exit location in the Central District (2514 E Cherry St), and they’ve got some pretty killer drink specials—$2.50 wells, $3 micros, and $1.50 PBR. They’re also gonna bring in a couple extra folks to man the bar, so you hopefully won’t have to wait too long (I know how you hate waiting for your drinks).

And before you start getting too drunk, I recommend you put a little food in your belly—maybe a plate of chicken-fried bacon?? They also have burgers, tater-tots, blue cheese fries, salads, and more on the menu, if you didn’t want to completely clog the arteries.

Or hell, drink your dinner. I don’t care. Just remember to tip well.

Slog Happy starts at 6 pm. I’ll be there with nametags, you bring your wit and charm.

If you go, make sure to check out this.

0 thoughts on “Central District hipster geek alert: The Stranger’s Slog hosting Twilight Exit happy hour

  1. My wife and I have lived in the neighborhood for about a year now and are totally into supporting the local joints. Driven by the twilight many times but have yet to stop in. What’s the vibe like inside? Does it feel safe coming and going? Thanks for anybody’s input.

  2. Great to have this joint in the neighborhood. It’s mellow and safe.

    Though I’d avoid it on slogger night. Possible toxic doses of self-absorbed slog people…

  3. The Twilight is awesome and has great drinks and yummy food. I think most of the juice mixers they use are fresh squeezed and I highly recommend the steak salad. I’ve also never felt unsafe walking there from my house. I usually find myself there at least once a week!