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CD News Police Scanner – 7/13

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Monday, July 13, 2009

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  1. I heard a really loud explosion last night late, probably 12:30 or so. Sounded like a firework more than a shot to me, but got my attention for sure.

  2. About 15 minutes ago I drove by 2 or 3 unmarked police cars searching a green cadillac? They were located just east of 24th on union, south side of the street. What’s happening?

  3. No details on that – a lot of time gang or narc units are on their own frequencies that we’re not tuned in to

  4. Yes that was definitely some kind of narco activity… they’ve been staked out here and there on Union for the past week. No idea about their target though.

  5. That loud noise on 7/13 around 12:30pm by 23rd & Jackson was the result of the humidity and bus cables conducting electricity, which makes a very loud pop. It happened twice, about two minutes apart. It happened right outside my patio so I saw the flashes and figured out what it was….