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Car stereo faceplate found

I found this stereo faceplate in my front yard this morning, when I left for work. It was probably discarded by someone digging through a “found” purse or bag.

It goes to a Pioneer “Premier” car stereo, DEH-P640.

If you are missing this, leave a message and I’ll try and get it back to you.

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  1. Please report it, since it was probably due to the kids upstairs… After my run-in with the stolen bike, I’m now a fan of reporting all crimes or apparent crimes so Please report this so that we can get more policing resources for our neighborhood. The Seattle non-emergency number is 625-5011, press 2 then 8 .

    [An aside… that phone tree is annoying. After verifying that you’re a citizen of Seattle (as opposed to an out-of-area law enforcement) you then get nine options: 1. report an abandoned vehicle, 2. ask about a stolen or possibly towed vehicle, 3. request a copy of an existing report ,4. learn how to access other city services, 5. jail booking information, 6. gun permit or fingerprint information, 7. crime trends in your neighborhood, **8. to report a crime or non-emergent situation**, 9. to speak to precinct officer.

    Why is “report a crime or non-emergent situation” listed as #8 of 9? It always galls me that it’s after “crime trends in your neighborhood,” as if I might like to find out how many other people have had something stolen and then call back later to report my own situation. I wonder how many people call the non-emergency number and decide around option six that they should just call 911 instead…]