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Keep your eyes out

Awwww….. summertime in the CD. The trees are green, flowers are blooming and the kids seemed to be bored.

Just a warning if you are walking by the apartment complex at 27th and Yesler. The kids here are obviously quite bored. I have seen them throwing rocks at cars (including mine), basketballs at buses, and they have thrown firecrackers at people simply walking by. They seem to think that the busstop is their clubhouse. They are usually there in the afternoons and early evenings. On my evening walk/run yesterday they tried to pick my pocket for my phone. Luckily, I have been aware of their activity so nothing stolen. Just a word to watch your stuff and self when walking by.

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  1. This is a horrible part of Yesler…I use this bus stop frequently. Doesn’t help that the mini mart across the street caters to drug dealers and prostitutes. Are people calling the cops on these kids?

  2. Wow, did you call the cops about the rock throwing… that seems pretty serious, and at least it might give them a fright and keep them cool for awhile. What about the community cops? Don’t they deal with feral kids?

  3. I live on that block, and I know that we have all been calling the police about a number of things–the younger kids have been stealing toys and bikes out of yards, complaints about noise, etc… Keep up the calls–I’m not sure what else to do.

  4. I live on this block too.

    Also, the man who owns that corner store is super friendly. I wouldn’t say he’s catering to drug dealers and prostitutes. If folks cause trouble, he gets them to leave.

  5. I am about sick of all of the wild ass kids around there…since the occupants in the lower unit moved there about 6 to 9 months ago it has really messed the block up …i know it wasnt all that great before but now its really bad….i only know who they are because their crazy mom has about 15 teenagers whom of which she lets have children at 14 and 15 years old…not just 1 child but 2 or 3 kinds so man add that up and you get a bunch of hoodlums running everywhere including in front of your car…not to mention all the neighborhood thugs coming to hang around all the teen girls cuz their mom thinks its cool to have gang banger babies dads hahah funny stuff

    since the occupants in the lower unit moved there about 6 to 9 months ago it has really messed the block up

  6. I am a neighbor on the 27th block and I was informed by one of my childs friends that they sell drugs out of that house as well. Apparently the mother doesn’t give a damn and just lets it happen. I will be filing a report today to the police as well as to CPS. I see girls carrying babies in and out of there and the have several tiny children in that house and that is just not a good environment.

  7. That’s an interesting polling idea…. What is the worst block in the CD? I live a block off of Cherry, near 23rd: it gets my vote, but then again, I suppose one would be inclined to vote for the block that you live on/near, as the likelihood of witnessing unsavory circumstances are higher.

  8. ya it has nothing to do with the store, he is a very nice guy, the wild kids across the street ruin it…

  9. its really bad over there….like really bad…the girls are very wild and i have seen people fighting…they have tried to run up to my car and put their hands in it before…apparently one of the girls over there has a thing for my boyfriend…i had stopped at that store and my boyfriend went in and it got really crazy so that block gets my vote…cherry & 23rd can be bad too but not nearly as bad as yesler..hopefully the police pull the plug on that soon

  10. ahahahaha its funny because i know the ppl who u are talkin about . lol u described them very well.