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Car prowls on the increase?

KING 5 brings you news (OK, anecdotal evidence) that you really don’t want to hear.

Maybe enough people can chime in to give us a sense of whether they think car prowls are really going up, or whether it’s too low on our list of concerns to be worth considering. Scott mashed the official crime trends recently.

BTW: simple, cheap car theft device.

0 thoughts on “Car prowls on the increase?

  1. The title: Car prowls on the rise in Central District neighborhood

    The stated location: SEATTLE – On Spring Street between 7th and 8th Avenue in Seattle

    That’s downtown or _possibly_ First Hill?! There’s crime, it must be in the CD. Irritating.

  2. It makes me crazy that the CD is always thought to be the crime hole of the city. Especially when the crime they are reporting is not even here.