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07/06/09 Prostitution 21st & Cherry

I only just found this website so, we are only just reporting this incident. It occurred on July 6, ’09.
We live near 21st and Cherry. On the morning (7:00am, in BROAD Daylight) of July 6th, we woke to find a Prostitute and her “client” engaged in “the act” on the stairs leading down into our building’s laundry room. We were able to frighten them away by slamming the door and threatening to phone the police. We have many times found drug addicts smoking there and also have found a used condom on the ground.(YUK!) So, we’ve started to personally make certain our gates are locked every night now.(theres only so much we can do though, since we are not the only ones with keys/access to the gates) I have a feeling that because the laundry had only a couple times been unlocked, and the landlord has had to repair the windows many times, that people had been creeping in there at night to do all sorts of things in the past. The windows have been fixed & baricaded, and the gates are now kept locked so, I haven’t had any more trouble recently.

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  1. Call the police whenever you see illegal activity. Reports are needed in order to get more resources for our precinct.