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Ambulances and Cops at Thompsons

I was just walking home at 1:20am and there is a large number of police cars and ambulances in front of Thompson’s Point of View and Key Bank.  It looks like about 8-10 police cars and 2 ambulances.  No idea what happened as it is pretty quiet at this point but there are alot of flashing lights. 

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  1. “Aid Response” at 23rd and E Union at 1:05 am (L3) and “Medic Response”, same place, at 1:28 am (A25 M10). Separate incident numbers.

  2. The large response was due to a request for a a “fast backup” for an AMR ambulance at 23rd & Union at 1:13am. It was quickly reported as “under control” after the first police units arrived. No details were given for the exact nature of the disturbance.