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Heat + Sound: Blue Angels Practice Today

How about a little noise to go with your heatwave? It’s Seafair time, and that means that the Blue Angels will soon begin their multi-day aerial assault on Lake Washington and the neighborhoods around it.

Here’s the full schedule:

  • Thursday (practice): 9:45am to noon and 1:15pm to 2:30pm
  • Friday (practice): 12:45pm to 2:40pm
  • Saturday & Sunday (full show): 12:45pm to 2:40pm

The I-90 floating bridge will be closed in all directions during those times.

Get a good Blue Angels photo? Upload it to the site or email it to us and we’ll share it with the neighborhood.

0 thoughts on “Heat + Sound: Blue Angels Practice Today

  1. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m tired of the Blue Angels and their noise polution. Do we really need them every year? They drive my dogs nuts, almost as bad as the 4th of July.

  2. Does it function in some way other than E->W and W->E of which I am unaware? (insert humorous emoticon here)

  3. I love watching them and having them zoom over my house. It’s much more thrilling than the everyday commercial airliner drones going on over head every three minutes.
    The cats don’t like the sounds, but it gets the dog excited when all the birds get kicked up and start taking flight.
    Do we NEED them every year. Certainly not.
    But it is an enjoyable event for most and I appreciate the tradition.

  4. Awesome pilots in awesome machines. I just wish I could go outside and watch, but I have to work.

  5. “As the Chief of Naval Air Training, and on behalf of the Commander, Navy Recruiting Command, it is my honor to offer you the opportunity to fly with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels…” my letter read! “You have been selected…”! I’ve no idea how many times I re-read that opening paragraph before I moved on to the rest of the body of the letter of invitation to fly with the world-famous Blue Angels! It was a 3-paragraph one page formal invitation that explained the rigorous physical and medical expectations required for flight approval! It was an invitation to a dream I’d never dared to dream, much less be approved! It was and I was able to enjoy the experience of a lifetime! My adult children and their families were able to experience the thrill with me (from the ground that is), with my husband and friends choosing to relish the celebration after I was back down on terra firma! Although a firm believer of my safety under the protection of the best military in the world, the conversations around me following my flight re-affirmed that faith in me as well as that of others that continue to express those feelings about our national defense provided (to us) by our military! Thank you, Blue Angels, Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, for your willingness to “put your lives on the line” for each and every one of us-WE SALUTE YOU! C. Rickman, Tacoma, WA