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We DO want an election forum: come help organize it on Thursday

Everyone seems enthusiastic about a CD Election Forum, and several people even want to help organize it.

I suggest those interested in creating an election forum attend this month’s Central Area District Council meeting ( 6PM , Thursday, Douglass Truth Library), invite the Council to sponsor the event, and organize a group to plan it (see comments on previous post for some smart ideas). I’m trying to contact the Chair, Tenaya Wright, to suggest it as an agenda item. If the District Council isn’t interested, we can huddle and organize outside.

Election in brief:

  • Mayor: 8 candidates
  • Council position 2 (Conlin incumbent) 2 candidates: they skip the primary, should we skip them?
  • Council position 4: 6 candidates
  • Council position 6 (Licata incumbent): 3 candidates
  • Council position 8: 6 candidates
  • Seattle School Board Director District 5 (district voting in Primary, Citywide in General election): 4 candidates

A few personal thoughts: 27 people to listen to! I suggest a July (18th or 25th) Saturday morning event at (say) Garfield, and advertise time-slots for each race. One minute statement, 2 questions/candidate runs at least 2 1/2 hours. 

0 thoughts on “We DO want an election forum: come help organize it on Thursday

  1. I can’t attend the meeting as I have a ocnflict but I feel we need to do this and am willing to help as much as I can.

  2. maybe two events so the candidates can be queried. with such a short bit, you’ll only hear sound bites…

    3 events?
    -other races


    sorry to miss the planning session