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23rd & Union – The Art Project

The Corner: 23rd and Union is an interactive public radio documentary about, for, and created with the people who make the corner part of their lives. From mid-June through August 2009 an art installation, featuring larger-than-life photographs of neighbors, will revitalize an empty lot on 23rd and Union. The artwork will invite viewers to call a phone number, where an automated voicemail system plays neighbors’ impressions, memories and stories, and invites you to share your own.

(via the slog)

0 thoughts on “23rd & Union – The Art Project

  1. I’m the person behind this project and I was just about to post this video on here – but you beat me to it! Amazing how fast information moves these days.

    Inye Wokoma + I have been out on 23rd and Union recording interviews with neighbors and photographing people for the past couple of months and it has been a very rewarding experience. I already feel like the depth of my understanding of the neighborhood I call home has increased exponentially, and I hope that’s an experience other people will share. Hopefully everyone will get involved and share stories by calling the phone number … which is coming very soon!

    Also – NKO, Joe, David and Lars will be hauling material to the empty lot on the SW corner this weekend and are starting to build the installation in the next week, so say hi if you see them!

  2. This is a fantastic idea Jenny – thank you for doing this! I’m looking forward to seeing it. I hope the idea will catch on…

  3. Thanks to Mad VM for posting; to my neighbors for participating; and a big thanks to Jenny and Inye for doing this project. I’m very glad to see an opportunity for public discussion and expression about and in our neighborhood.

  4. On my way home tonight, I saw the artists assembling a couple of pieces. I’m really looking forward to watching and hearing this project unfold. Jenny, I’m curious if you approached the property owner- or just how this unfolded??

    FYI- one of the artists involved is a much loved/well respected teacher at Nova.
    (at least for the next few weeks…stupid, destructive RIFs at a time of increased enrollment…)

  5. This project is so cool. Thank you, Jenny, and everyone else involved. I am now passing by and entering this corner with interest and anticipation.