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” 23rd and Union: ‘It’s a powerful corner’ “

An art news posting by Jen Graves on The Stranger’s blog, Slog.


23rd and Union: ‘It’s a powerful corner’

Posted by Jen Graves on Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at  4:16 PM

Yeah, it’s powerful. But it’s not thought of as powerful in a good way. It’s a place where people who own Philly steak joints get shot. Or where people trying to go to the post office with their kids end up with kids who know what it looks like to get shot.

But that’s not all of it, right? That’s not its entire past, present, and future. A new public art project ( gets into the fray.

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0 thoughts on “” 23rd and Union: ‘It’s a powerful corner’ “

  1. it seems the innocent are forced to pay for this “art” against their will by those who wish to force their will on others. nuance

  2. As a resident of 22nd and Union I am excited that we are utilizing a space that has been a place of violence- what better way to express ourselves than through art? I have lived in Seattle for 28 years and the situation at 23rd and Union has always been the same. Ths potential for this area is enormous…it would take serious activism and cooperation from all people to create a place of peace rather than death. Take the Philly building down, bless the hallowed place and start again. The potential is unlimited.