23rd & Union – The Art Project

The Corner: 23rd and Union is an interactive public radio documentary about, for, and created with the people who make the corner part of their lives. From mid-June through August 2009 an art installation, featuring larger-than-life photographs of neighbors, will revitalize an empty lot on 23rd and Union. The artwork will invite viewers to call a phone number, where an automated voicemail system plays neighbors’ impressions, memories and stories, and invites you to share your own.

(via the slog)

UPDATED:!3{2}SPD Ticketing Drivers on E Arthur PL

Years of petitioning by residents of E Arthur PL (map) and the presence of a family run day day care on the street prompted the Seattle DOT to act to reduce traffic on the street by converting it to ONE WAY. Turning right on red from MLK northbound to E Madison eastbound is prohibited and the timing of the light is notoriously long. To avoid this light, drivers have habitually turned right on E Arthur PL immediately before the intersection, frequently at speeds dangerous to a small residential street with children present.

Due in part to the popularity of the street as a way to avoid the long light and the recent change in status, wrong-way traffic on this street remains quite high, averaging one car every 10 minutes throughout the day. To combat this problem and to alert drivers to the change in status, the DOT has requested the SPD to patrol the area and cite offending drivers with a moving violation to the tune of $125.

I spoke to one of the residents on Arthur PL about the issue. Apparently the no right turn on E Madison, the long light and the annoying left from E Madison to Lk Wa Blvd. is all about traffic control for 520.

For more information you can contact either of the following from the SDOT Traffic Management Division:

Jane Rebelowski – [email protected], 206.684.0817
Mike Morris-Lent – [email protected], 206.684.5727