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South Seattle Shooting Suspect Arrested in the CD

Here’s an update on the south-end shooting we covered on the scanner last night.  A man was shot in the arm down in south Seattle at Rainier & Austin. A witness got a good description of the vehicle which was spotted by police heading northbound on Rainier and stopped here in the CD at 14th & Main. A gun was recovered, the 16 year-old shooting suspect arrested, and the four other occupants of the vehicle were interviewed and released.

Here’s the details from the SPD blog:

At approximately 1045 p.m., officers spotted the vehicle in the area of 14th Avenue and S. Main St. It was occupied by 5 individuals and a gun was seen wedged between the center console. Officers were able to arrest all 5 individuals and the vehicle was impounded.

The victim was treated on scene and transported to Harborview with non- life threatening injuries. The Gang Unit took over the investigation and called CSI to process the scene for evidence.

The suspect a male 16-years-old, was booked into Youth Service Center for Investigation of Assault. The other 4 occupants of the vehicle were investigated and released.  

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  1. I see that he was arrested in the neighborhood… but where did you see that he’s from the neighborhood?

  2. Wow, do you have ESP? Because I’m sure not divining the same “facts” you are! :O)

  3. Saw in the paper today, they were from Des Moines. Wish they’d stop bringing their business into our neighborhood. I know it’s the big city and all, but people — families — live here.

  4. Rivalry between groups led to South Seattle shooting By Ian Ith (4/17/09)

    A drive-by shooting Tuesday in South Seattle that wounded a 21-year-old man was apparently a tit-for-tat between rival gang members, King County prosecutors said today.
    First-degree assault charges were filed in Superior Court against Alias Lesean Grihm, 20, and Cleden Theend Jimerson, 16, both of Des Moines. Jimerson is charged as an adult.
    A 14-year-old boy was charged in juvenile court with unlawful firearm possession.
    All three defendants remain in custody. Jimerson and Grihm are due in court for arraignment April 30. The 14-year-old is set for arraignment in juvenile court Monday.
    Larico Duray and his cousin, DeShawn Gates, 24, were standing outside an apartment building on Rainier Avenue South when a white sedan rolled by with several people Duray recognized as members of the Deuce 8 gang, according to prosecution documents. Jimerson leaned out the window and fired several times, hitting Duray in the arm, prosecutors said.
    Police stopped the sedan, driven by Grihm, not far from the scene and arrested everyone inside.
    Detectives learned that Jimerson believed he had been shot at by Duray and Gates earlier in the day, so he went to Flo Ware Park, retrieved a pistol from some bushes and got Grihm to do the driving, charging papers state.
    Police were unable to confirm whether any shots had actually been fired in the area and time that Jimerson said he was shot at, prosecutors said.
    Jimerson and the 14-year-old have prior juvenile convictions for firearm possession, prosecutors said. Grihm has no criminal record.