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Immortal Dog Update

Happy Spring everyone!!!

I wanted to give a quick update on the store and some of the new offerings I have.

Thanks for all of your support. My first month open was awesome and I was so happy to meet so many great neighbors and their pets. I look forward to meeting more of the neighborhood as time goes by!!

With the nice weather starting to approach, I have brought in fresh live catnip and cat grass. Come on by for a little container to make your pets day.

I now have the full Orijen grain free line including the 6 Fish Formula. This food line is from Canada and ingredients are regionally sourced. This is a fantastic food line for cats and dogs.

I am continuing to receive pet beds in stock and can custom order beds from several different companies. I also have deep nesting style cat beds.

I continue to add kitty toys and snacks to my line-up. Check out the new jerky style treats and the feather toys.

As Spring approaches, the time comes for baths and brushing to remove winter coats. I have a wide selection of grooming products to make this chore easier. Also consider dropping by for fish oil to add to your pets food. This amazing supplement is packed full of healthy oils and works wonders on coats, dandruff and dullness.

Hope to see you all soon!

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